5 Crucial Budgeting Tips for Every Freelancer

For new freelancers and veterans alike, juggling your income can be a challenge. While the benefits of working on your own are certainly appealing – flexibility, independence, and tax deductions, to name a few – managing your checkbook on an inconsistent income isn’t one of them. That’s not to say that it can’t be done. With a little foresight and some thoughtful budgeting, you can lead a steady, stable life on a freelance income.

These quick tips will help get you started:

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Freelancing in NYC? This Talk is for You.

This Thursday (07/19), we’ll be hosting a talk at Wix Lounge, right here in NYC. The topic “Hotshot Tools for Freelancers” will help independent creatives take charge of their freelancing career. We’re especially excited to have our very own UX Designer, Erin McCue, as one of the evening’s hosts. She’ll be sharing that duty with…

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Ditch That Sticky Coffee Spot, Get Co-Working, & Get Paid!

We’ve chummed-up with Freelancers Union and Loosecubes for their first annual “Co-Working Day Of Action.”  Tomorrow’s event, taking place virtually and in co-working spaces across the globe aims to help independent workers  (hint hint-freelance designers!) get paid fairly for their work. The organizers even developed a handy website called The World’s Longest Invoice to help…

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