5 Crucial Budgeting Tips for Every Freelancer

For new freelancers and veterans alike, juggling your income can be a challenge. While the benefits of working on your own are certainly appealing – flexibility, independence, and tax deductions, to name a few – managing your checkbook on an inconsistent income isn’t one of them. That’s not to say that it can’t be done. With a little foresight and some thoughtful budgeting, you can lead a steady, stable life on a freelance income.

These quick tips will help get you started:

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How To Keep Designing in a Tough Economy

Five Tips to Stay Ahead Photo: © Steve Gardner/Bigstock Studies have shown that more design professionals are turning to stock imagery. From a pragmatic standpoint, this makes sense, as we are facing a tougher economy and must find innovative ways to stretch our budgets. In the spirit of producing more with fewer resources, we’ve listed…

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