Everyone loves free stuff. Put the word “free” in front of just about any other word – candy, movie tickets, trip to Hawaii – and suddenly, our interest is piqued. We’re human and we like free stuff. But what about royalty-free images, and why do they cost money? What does it all mean? Fear not,…

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8 Killer Mobile Apps for Stock Photography

It’s official: Mobile devices have changed the photography world. When renowned photojournalists and documentary photographers like Amy Vitale, David Guttenfelder and David Alan Harvey take to Instagram, you know there’s no turning back.   The royalty-free stock photography landscape is no exception. The ever-increasing quality of cameras on mobile devices, combined with apps built especially…

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The Memes of Spring

From Cristin Burton, Bigstock’s graphic design guru, who’s clearly had enough of winter: Here in New York City, the poopy winter is just winding down. Spring is finally here! I can hardly contain myself. I’ve already reorganized my closet, and my flowery dresses are at the ready. I also created some Spring Memes to celebrate. Hope you like them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me … The sun’s shining! It’s spring! I wanna go outside! AAAAAAAAAAH!

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