If you’ve visited Bigstock, checked out our blog, or subscribed to our newsletters recently, you probably noticed our Lytro camera download contest. If you missed it, for each image downloaded, we gave users one entry to win a Lytro camera-a camera that’s so hot, there’s already a huge wait list to get one.
Congratulations to Ron King, President and COO of CampusGuard where he uses our images in presentations to colleges, universities and national associations representing business and technology professionals.

Here’s what Ron had to say about Bigstock:

“I have found that I can always find just the right image at Bigstock to support the theme, idea, or concept I am trying to get across to my audience. If I need something to represent RISK, I find it. If I need something to represent a PAYMENT TRANSACTION, I find it. If I need an image of a particular CITY, I find it. And I find the images I need quickly, the download efficient, with the result that I have confidence that the presentation will go well.”

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