You didn’t think we forgot about Desk Trinket Friday, did you?
As Community Manager of a company as creative as Bigstock, you may think it’s easy to find worthy Desk Trinkets to blog about every Friday. On the contrary, it’s quite challenging. Now that Desk Trinket Friday is a tradition (thank you), it has only upped the stakes in finding those trinkets of only the highest utmost quality.

Many an hour I have roamed our office … rummaging through people’s desks … searching for that certain something that only few trinkets truly possess. Searching for a trinket that captures your eye and imagination. Searching for a trinket that makes other trinkets look like paltry collectibles. Searching for a trinket thaaa….

“My ladybug,” proclaimed Kiran, our PHP Engineer, from two cubicles yonder.

“Yes?” I responded. (I’ve been called similar nicknames in the past, but that’s a different blog entry.)

“Use my ladybug as the Desk Trinket,” Kiran clarified, as he held up a red and black object in both hands.

 Photo of Ladybug Desk Trinket

The ladybug, admittedly, appears to have seen better days. It’s not quite a Beanie Baby, not quite a stuffed animal. And it could probably use some quality time with a lint roller. But still, I thought, this must be of some value to Kiran, so let’s proceed.

The more I looked at this ladybug thing, I was reminded of all the good that real ladybugs do. Farmers love ladybugs, for instance, as the beautiful ladybug consumes plant-eating insects, such as aphids, and in doing so, ladybugs help to protect crops. They are pretty and purposeful, I considered, and yes, this faux-ladybug is certainly worthy of the coveted title “the Desk Trinket entry for Friday, June 22nd.”

 Photo of Ladybug Desk Trinket

I then asked Kiran to tell me the sentimental story that surely must accompany this magnificent specimen.

“No story,” he said. “I just found it in my desk when I started working here.”


Like I said, it ain’t easy finding these desk trinkets. Please, I beg of you, send us some pics of yours!

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