Our Desk Trinket Friday phenomenon has officially become bi-coastal, as one of Bigstock’s own ventures into an Alaskan town.
Yes, our Marketing & Partnership Manager, Jon is traveling this week throughout the fine state of Alaska, and it would seem that everywhere he turns, he comes face-to-trinket with an oddity that demands attention.

A stranger. In a strange land. With strange trinkets staring at him from nearly every direction. What’s a guy to do?

This is where I come in. AHEM! As Community Manager, I must sort out the curious from the collectible. The magical from the mundane. The trinkets from the toys. I promptly ask Jon to send me photos of these trinkets for my expert analysis. Upon inspection of these photos, I can confirm that portions of Alaska are a trinket goldmine, some even with real gold. I must decide … which trinket should Jon choose?

The little bottle of 24 Carat Gold?

 Photo of trinket small jar of gold.

The Moosehead stand for a mobile device?

 Photo of trinket moosehead for mobile device

The … um … Forget-Me-Not Flowering Moose Nuggets?

 Photo of Trinket Moose Flower Forget-Me-Not

 Photo of Desk Trinket Alaskan Eskimo Pin

Nay, my vote is for this little lady. She’s a pin! She’s an action figure! She’s a good luck charm! And, clearly, she’s a fashionista. How can you go wrong with this trinket?

Thank you, Jon, for taking time from your trip to share your good fortune of Trinket discovery. If anyone out there has any trinkets worth sharing – let’s see ’em!

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