Today Adobe officially announced Creative Suite 5, which includes a major upgrade to Photoshop.
Will the upgrade be worth the money? Adobe has published a web site calling out new features, and some of them look quite impressive.

Here’s a look at five new features that stand out.

5. Improved HDR imaging.

Photographers who love dabbling with high dynamic range imagery, which can help correct difficult lighting conditions or be used create hyper-real special effects, may appreciate CS5’s new HDR features. Adobe says CS5 will offer greater control over tonal mapping and adjustments.

4. Automatic lens correction.

Photoshop CS5 can use EXIF data to identify your specific camera and lens, and then make precise adjustments to compensate for lens distortion.

3. Puppet Warp.

This new feature offers an intelligent way to distort objects as if they are living, muscular things. Adobe has demonstrated this new feature in a YouTube video.

2. Improved Raw processing.

With the Camera Raw 6 plug-in, Adobe promises more control when editing Raw files, including nondestructive noise removal.

1. Content-Aware Fill.

You may have seen the video demonstrating Content-Aware Fill. This could be a huge time-saver for cleaning up images.

Photoshop CS5 will retail for $699. Adobe is also releasing Photoshop CS5 Extended, which includes 3D effects, at a price of $999. CS5 is expected to ship in mid-May. Read more from Adobe.