There’s always that one person in your life that is impossible to buy gifts for. Everyone has one. He (or she) already has every stylish accessory, all the cool current electronics, and every hip new kitchen gadget that exists.

But does she have a bacon Iphone case? Didn’t think so. Does he have a unicorn apron? Doubt it. Check out our very special holiday gift guide, featuring items from our store on Happy shopping! 

1. Monster Trunks

Frankenstein’s Monster easily changes a classic pair of boxer shorts into something much more terrifying, or hilarious, depending on your point of view. 

2. Magic in the Kitchen

This ever-popular and oh-so-quirky Unicorn Apron is perfect for the special chef in your life.

3. Fry, Fry, Away 

The traveler on your list can keep her toiletries covered with something crisp, cute, and eye-pleasing. 

4. Carbs & Carry

This Doughnut Change Purse is perfect for the snack lover on a “sweets budget.”


5. Kitty Liquor  

This shot glass could keep anyone feeling frisky,
thanks to these two cats.


6. It’s Puzzling

For lovers of puzzles and/or nerds, this gift will not disappoint. 


7. A Sizzling Conversation

A Bacon iPhone Case will keep that special someone connected … and possibly a little hungry.

8. The Stylish Mud Slinger

The Pig Ring is perfect for that animal lover who wants to make more than just a fashion statement.

There’s a lot more where these came from. has gift ideas for everyone on your list this year. Happy holidays! 

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