When I was told I’d be attending last night’s 4th Annual Webutante Ball, as part of NYC’s Internet Week, a bunch of questions raced through my mind. Most notably: People still have “balls”?
Although the concept of a ball may sound of another time, the reason for the Webutante Ball is anything but. Created by Thrillist Managing Editor Richard Blakeley, the Ball is hailed by most in the industry as a “Prom for Geeks,” and attracts a plethora of inventive, cutting-edge techfolk from all over New York City. Last night’s event, held at Marquee, was no exception, packed to the gills with start-up enthusiasts, the media elite, and those who love them.


In keeping with the “prom” concept, the event even crowns a King & Queen. I had the extreme pleasure of catching up with last night’s Prom Queen, Lauren Appelwick, Brand Director of Shelby.tv. Even though we couldn’t quite track down the Prom King, we got along famously, as this photo shows.


(She’s wearing the King’s Crown here, as she revealed that she swapped the royal headgear with the King because neither believe in gender roles.)

A great time was had by all.

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