When is a Desk Trinket more than a Desk Trinket?  When the Desk Trinket is a peace offering gift.
Our beloved Bigstock Account Executive, Erick Casanova -his real name- has this tiny ceramic truck placed proudly on his desk. The truck was a gift, following the initial differences that occurred when two coworkers from different South American countries stopped being polite … and started getting real. (Okay fine, it wasn’t that dramatic, I’m just a fan of The Real World.)

 photo of desk trinket truck

Desk Trinket Friday Truck photo ©MazelTov

“This little truck was a gift from a coworker,” Erick explains. “We had some disagreements when we first started working together that maybe stemmed from where we’re from. I’m from Peru and my coworker was from Colombia, so there was some cultural pride on both sides that may have clashed. After we patched things up, he gave me this truck, which was a very sweet gesture and I’ve kept it displayed ever since.”

And what did Erick give his coworker in return? “Ummm,” Erick said, taking a moment. “My friendship?”

Anyway, the small but hefty truck is an explosion of color and culture (note the detailed vegetables on the roof, along with a ‘live’ chicken). It’s also a personal symbol of friendship and a most-worthy entry for Desk Trinket Friday.

Have a Desk Trinket you’d like to share a photo of? Does it have special meaning to you? Please share it below and, in the mean time, ¡Buenos días!

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