One of our favorite ways to find great work on Bigstock is to browse by contributor. Here’s an example of how it helped us recently.
Recently we were looking at the newest images at Bigstock and we spotted a couple of cool 3D-style vector icons. We were curious to see more by this artist. To start, we clicked on one of the images.

Under “Image info” on the image detail page, we clicked on the contributor’s name.

This loaded a page showing some information about the contributor — in this example, Vieloryb, a graphic designer from Ireland — and his most recent Bigstock images. This is a start, but there’s more.

Next, we clicked on “view all images by vieloryb,” we were taken to his portfolio, which we could re-sort by date or popularity. When we sorted by date, we saw a whole array of these cool icons. Brilliant!

Try browsing by contributor the next time you see an image on Bigstock you like. There’s a good chance if you love an image by one Bigstock artist, you’ll love his or her other work, too.

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