A lot of Bigstock contributors, smartly, keep an eye on their monthly earnings and look for sales trends. But sometimes there’s an exceptionally good or disappointing month and it’s hard to figure out why. Based on our experience, here are some ways to keep your images selling consistently well.

  • For obvious reasons, upload as many quality images as possible. Your sales are likely to be more consistent if you have more images on Bigstock.
  • Diversify. You’ll make sales when buyers are specifically looking for the topics you cover. The more variety of topics in your portfolio, the greater your chances of having a good month.
  • Pay careful attention to your metadata. Include lots of high-quality, descriptive keywords. Labeling your images accurately will help the right image buyers find your images. Successful contributors often add as many as 30 or more relevant keywords to their images.
  • Join us in marketing your images online. If you have a web site or a social media presence, use it to show off your portfolio and direct people to Bigstock. You can even build a lightbox of your images and share it using Twitter, Facebook or some other social media platform. (Related post: Putting Bigstock Lightboxes To Work For You.)
  • Pay attention to the calendar, cultural trends and current events. Sales drop on holidays when offices are closed, but you might enjoy a burst of sales at certain times of the year if you upload seasonally appropriate or topical images.

Bigstock has also recently made improvements to help your sales:

  • Our search engine is more accurate than it was before, with less “clumping” of similar images and higher-quality, more diverse results. There are also many different ways to browse images.
  • Our new design improves the look and feel of the site to make the site easier for buyers to use.
  • We’re actively marketing the collection to buyers through trade shows, online advertising, newsletters, blogs, social media, print ads and more.

Lastly, keep reading this blog for more tips on how to keep increasing the success of your Bigstock portfolio. We’re on Twitter and Facebook, too.