Before digital image libraries like Bigstock, stock agencies used to mail out massive, printed catalogs showing off their pictures. Crazy, right?

The people at ad agency JWT in Cape Town, South Africa had a bunch of these obsolete stock picture books in their office and had an idea. They figured, “Let’s turn these piles of waste into first learner books,” as you’ll see in the video at the end of this post.

The JWT staff went through the books and used markers to label objects that might help children learn to read. Then they donated the newly re-created books to The Global Literacy Project (GLP), which provides books to areas of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean with low literacy rates.

Through JWT’s My First Book Project, employees at other JWT offices around the world have pitched in and done the same.

What a nice way to turn something useless into something useful!

Below you can see a video from AdsOfTheWorld about the JWT project.

Read more about the project at PDNPulse.

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