Almost three ­quarters of all internet users aged 18 and older are using some form of social media, which means that marketers everywhere are consistently looking for creative ways to reach them. and other experts agree that, in 2015, video content will be the social media marketing tactic of choice. With those thoughts in mind, let’s look not only at the people you’ll find on each of today’s biggest social media platforms, but also what kinds of video content they’re looking for.


Facebook is by far the largest social media platform. According to the Pew Research Center, 71 percent of all adult internet users are on Facebook. By comparison, the next largest following belongs to LinkedIn, with 28 percent of all online adults registered.

Almost anything goes on Facebook, but despite the diverse nature of this platform, there are a couple of key demographics to note. Women edge out men on the platform by 11 percent. And, if you want to reach an older generation, Facebook is your best bet, as up to 56 percent of online adults are aged 65 and over.

With such a varied audience, most types of video content do well on Facebook, though, some fare better than others. Most Facebook users enjoy inspirational and family-oriented video. The shorter your videos are, the better, so boost engagement by keeping the videos you post under two minute mark.


YouTube is the granddaddy of all video-marketing platforms, and while you will find a diverse audience here, the largest group is the younger set. In fact, if you want to reach those coveted Millennials, YouTube draws in more viewers between the ages of 18 and 34 than any single national TV network.

The YouTube platform sways more towards consumer generated content, but B2B marketing is still big here. You’ll find that shoppers are looking for product videos, reviews, demonstrations, and testimonials, while the B2B audience is looking for explainer videos, company news, and groundbreaking ideas. People also search YouTube for tutorials, entertainment, and episodic content that they can follow, so try and provide your viewers with reasons to come back. Although you’ll find videos of every shape and size on YouTube, most people prefer videos that are around three minutes in length.



Based on recent data digging, Twitter is the most popular social media platform among college-­educated people in the 50-and-under age range. These users enjoy a blend of fun and serious content, but they also want things on the short side. So, to grab your audience’s attention in six seconds or less, get creative with quirky and humorous themes, or try something that’s designed to surprise.


It’s no surprise that LinkedIn is geared towards a professional audience, but what is surprising is that it’s the only platform where you’ll find larger numbers of people aged 30 to 64 (than those under age 30). This is also one of the most highly-educated platforms, with 50 percent of online college graduates using the platform to network.

With LinkedIn’s professional and B2B leanings, things like explainer videos of your resume, your company, or your product are big. Company values and mission statements in video format are another great choice. And, because the types of content shared on LinkedIn tend to be highly informative, length is not a big concern, but style can make or break your video marketing campaign. Choose video clips that appeal to a professional audience, and don’t hesitate to create slide-show ­style videos or infographics.



Vine’s users are on the lookout for the unique, and you’ll only have six seconds to impress them. Choose content that is funny, fascinating, relatable, cute or odd, and make sure that it evokes a strong emotional reaction. Vine doesn’t publish its user statistics, but experts believe that the largest audience on the platform is made up of people aged 13 to 25, so you’ll want to make sure your content is not only engaging, but also suitable and relevant for this younger demographic.


Pinterest is unique in that its users are overwhelmingly female – 42% of women use Pinterest, while only 13% of men do. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of Pinterest users are women, and mostly belong to the 18 to 49 age group, but the number of users who are over 50 is growing quickly.

Pinterest’s following is largely consumer oriented. These consumers are all seeking to learn something, like a new art, craft, recipe or decorating idea. Tips, tricks, and how­-to videos are all pretty popular, especially if you can keep them around for four minutes or so (but always aim for under that estimate).



Instagram is growing in popularity among women and young adults between the ages of 18 and 29, and its users are in search of content than mainly falls into one of two categories: adorable or unusual. Entertainment is key, naturally. Instagram’s new video tools work similarly to Vine, but Instagram videos are 15 seconds long, which means users need to keep your cute kitten clips and other great moments short and sweet. 


Tumblr’s followers are a young, well­-educated group in the 18 to 24 age range, and they’re an unusually close­knit community that loves a mixture of eccentric, emotional, fun, and informative content. It’s a great platform for B2C campaigns—especially if your product or service can fit into one (or more) of Tumblr’s many niche communities. 

Stylistically, desired content is broad—animated or live action both perform well—just so long as it’s interesting and shareable, of course. Keep in mind that Tumblr limits video uploads to five minutes or less, and ultimately its users tend to prefer GIFs above all. Again, find and execute the visuals that make the most sense for your brand, and your intended audience. 

Once you get to know your customer base, you’ll be able to find them across a variety of social media platforms. Finding them is only half the battle, however. The next step is to design creative video content that resonates with your audience of followers and makes them want to share what you have to say with their friends. And, should you need high-quality, royalty-free stock video clips to assist you, be sure to check out our collection at Bigstock Video.

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