Friends, thank you for joining me on another exciting installment of Desk Trinket Friday, the only weekly blogpost that asks the burning question, “What is that piece of junk doing on your desk?”
This week’s trinket is a trinket in a disguise. A trinket within a trinket, if you will. Erin, our beloved UX Designer, keeps this yellow egg handy. But why? What secrets does this egg hold? What is Erin hiding from us?

Because I’m awesome, I decided to investigate the mystery. Using all of my Journalistic know-how (I watch a lot of TMZ), I began my series of intense questioning to get to the bottom, or rather, to the inside of this egg.

 iPhone photo of yellow Kinder Surprise egg

Me: Erin, what’s that?

Erin: It’s an egg.

Me:  And, what’s inside the egg, Erin? (Getting louder.) What sort of SECRET are you hiding from ALL of us?

Erin: Brian, seriously, I’m busy.

Me: No, Erin. My readers expect me to get to the bottom of things. I shan’t let them down!

Erin:  Shan’t? Fine. There’s a truck inside the egg.

Me: I see. A truck. Okaaaaaaaaay.

Erin: It was a gift from my boyfriend, that he got for free inside a piece of chocolate candy.

Me: (rolls eyes)

Erin: Did you just roll your eyes?

Me: No.

Erin: Look, I like the truck, okay? I like to run it in my hand during meetings. It’s sort of an alternative stressball.

 iPhone photo of Kinder Surprise Toy Egg

I then inspect the egg and the truck. (A Community Manager’s work is never done.) I can report that the truck does have a soothing effect. I thank Erin for her cooperation in my investigation, and compile my report. The report you’ve now read, basically.

Happy Desk Trinket Friday, everyone!
Let’s see YOUR trinkets! Please post them below!

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