There are so many options for using stock imagery this time of year, and so many appealing images available at Bigstock. Lights on houses are pretty hard to resist, as is the promise of a coming feast. Send a postcard, include holiday images in your regular newsletter, or even make a calendar for your customers to take home with them.

There are plenty of images available for you to find just the right tone, whether you prefer a denominational message or not. Great words you can search include:


Using any combination of these or similar terms will lead you to some eye-catching results.






It feels like summer just ended, yet folks are now clamoring to find the best holiday clearance sales. Are you ready? If you’re a small business owner, there are many ways you can quickly use Bigstock’s collection to send a message to your customers. Aside from your regular email outreach, think about putting posters in your store window, or creating fliers to hand out. Even making new, holiday-themed business cards can add tremendously to your year-end message.

Having a sale but need to publicize it? Bigstock has many options to help you announce potential savings.

Have some fun with it:


Be literal:


Or simply use a design element and create your own sale image:

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Now that it’s the season of giving, it’s a great time to remind your customers what you’re offering, whether you’re a florist, tour guide, or club owner. Use Bigstock to help you send a professional image. Update your website with fresh imagery. Use stock to represent your business without it being specifically photographed at your location — think more in general terms, and you’ll see how versatile holiday themes can be.

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And really, who wouldn’t welcome a nice cocktail by the fire after a week home with the family?


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