As we’re all aware, today is both National Doughnut Day 2012 and Desk Trinket Friday. Because of this earth-shattering coincidence, we were faced with a difficult decision here at the office this morning.
Do we forsake our new weekly tradition, Desk Trinket Friday, in order to honor the holiday that is National Doughnut Day? Do we risk appearing unpatriotic for the sake of our own rather-random office objectives? Do we dare end our one-week-old office tradition for a pastry? And, how many calories are in a doughnut anyway? Yes, these were the questions we were all grappling with this morning.

A solution presented itself however, once we witnessed this gem of a trinket on the desk of our Marketing Manager, Jon. He possesses, rather uncharacteristically, a “hunting mug,” featuring a snoozing hunter with a shotgun recklessly resting on shoulder, while deer roam by. If you look closely at our picture below, you’ll even see “antlers” popping out from the coffee inside the mug. Luckily, Jon’s unusual artifact provided the perfect context for combining both of today’s events, and we’re now able to present the below picture with pride.

 National Doughnut Day

Besides, what goes better with doughnuts than a cup of coffee?

Phew! Another crisis averted, thanks to What can we help You with today?

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