Last May, we brought you a striking collection of “Concept” images. Yet many image buyers and creative professionals are often puzzled by this term. The first things that come to mind are often confusing head-scratchers, inaccessible to anyone without an advanced art history degree.
But with stock, “conceptual” imagery can be a practical and effective way to illustrate a variety of business and newsworthy ideas, sometimes literally, other times in a more abstract way. With that in mind, here are a few more of our favorite and most popular “conceptual” images among creatives and small business owners alike.

These images literally and abstractly communicate a variety of ideas, ranging from cultural diversity, to communication, and teamwork.




©Steve Pepple

Some conceptual images have multiple or abstract meanings to fit a variety of uses:





Business startups are sprouting up everywhere. Snails, miniature models and even climbers are great (and fun) ways to signify the potential of “the little guy” and the challenges we face every day.



©Kinetic Imagery


As people around the world pay more attention to what they eat, the following images can provide a quick illustration of popular food and health related trends and issues:



Again, you don’t have to be an art scholar to find uses for less-than-obvious messaging within images. All it takes is a little creativity and a willingness to think outside the box. And if it makes you smile, even better!

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