You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the Heartbleed Bug, a security issue that affected many Internet sites last week. We responded quickly to the issue, and Bigstock is secure.

Here’s a little bit about Heartbleed, what happened, and what it means for you.

Last week, researchers disclosed a vulnerability in the OpenSSL software that many sites, including Bigstock, use to communicate securely with visitors. When you see the padlock in your browser bar, that’s SSL in action.

The Bigstock team became aware of the security concern as soon as it was announced to the public on Tuesday April 8th. We immediately applied software patches, successfully upgraded all public-facing servers, and reissued security keys within hours. We also took extra steps to strengthen our internal servers.

As a Bigstock customer, what does this mean for you? Bigstock was not at any greater risk than any other site that uses OpenSSL technology, and we patched the vulnerability quickly. We recommend that you change your passwords regularly on any site where you share personal information, including You can change your Bigstock password directly through your account.  

If you have any questions about security, please contact our support team at Thank you.


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