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Bigstock is on Instagram. It’s true. We are + we love it. During one of our recent Instagram adventures, we couldn’t help but fall in love with a few trends, some of which we’ll be highlighting here in the coming months. For our first Instagram installment, we’re kicking things off with color.

In the spirit of all things warm, lovely, and summer-like, we want to give a special shout out to those Instagrammers who seek out and showcase the bright bits of the worlds around them. Browse through some of our favorite Instagram color lovers, and give ’em a follow if you want to add a little color to your life. 


An art director with a keen eye for “mundane aesthetics” and lively colors, Jonathan Lo’s happymundane Instagram account is sure to surprise you with its big bursts of color. It may even inspire you to start looking at otherwise simple aesthetics in your own day-to-day photo expeditions.



This eyewear brand is known for their classic looks. It was great to discover how well they convey their style on their social media platforms as well. Warby Parker’s Instagram account beautifully captures rich and colorful tones, all the while reminding us why we love WP’s style so much in the first place. 



We came across Peter Delgado’s ohdeardelgado Instagram account through some random word of mouth, and we’re so glad we did. We love the way he uses bright accents and light to show unexpected layers of color. Neons and highlights aplenty can be found over on his IG feed. Check him out.



We all love-hate that overused quip, “We want to go to there.” (Sorry, Tina.) But, in the case of Matt Allard’s lifeserial Instagram account, we’ll use it one more time. (We love you, Tina.) Lush LA locales, cool blue skies and bodies of water, and bright, quirky tattoos are just some of the colorful objects of desire on Allard’s feed.



It’s hard not to love Refinery29’s Instagram account. Even if you’re not color obsessed, they’ve got everything from smiles to puppies to food. On top of all that, their color game is on point. Brace yourself for high fashion shots and some seriously bold and beautiful color blocking.  



Diane Bondareff is an event photographer who has a keen eye for celebrities and candid moments. Her extraordinary dianebondareff Instagram account showcases some truly inspired shots. The gorgeous colors – of which there are a lot – are so beautifully rich, you may not even notice the famous faces behind them. 



Solange Knowles’ SaintRecords Instagram account is a combination of her own style, the way she sees the world, and a sampling of the art direction she does for Puma. In her work with the footwear-fashion brand, she more than manages to bring her own realized, lively taste to the final products (and pics). 



Ruben De Haas coloruben’s Instagram will appeal to those who love type, graphic design, and color. De Haas balances perfect juxtapositions, as you can see from these highlights below. While the text in his images is precise and boldly unique, the colors add a splash of quirk and wit.



A magazine with a deep mission to bridge generational gaps for global good, Impakter’s Instagram account is both inspirational and on point with its agenda. The mag’s brand equation Culture + Style + Society + Philanthropy is matched by a colorful, artistic, and worldly collection of images on its IG feed.


10. FOOD52 

If you’re a foodie, chances are you already follow Food52’s Instagram account. But even if you’re not, Food52 is an exemplary account of how to pay attention to the way colors sit on a canvas. Fun details – like a photo of three tomatoes simulating a traffic light – bring us immense joy. It’s the little things that often make a big splash on IG.

We hope you’ll follow all of these color-loving leaders, tastemakers, and Instagram gurus, and learn from their inspirational feeds. Oh, and we hope you’ll follow us on Instagram too. Thanks! 

Here are some of our most recent pics.

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