bigstock-Gavel--Retro-Clip-Art-17345159 community managing from a courtroom

There I was, anxiously awaiting my very first assignment as the new Social Media Community Manager for Bigstock, when I got picked for Jury Duty. Waah Waaah.Retro Gavel Vector ©RetroClipArt

Let me be clear, I have no problem with honoring my civic duty. I did have a challenge though trying to be a new Social Media anything while also trying to be a Juror.

No laptops are allowed in the jury room, and you’re not allowed to talk to anyone about the trial, the alleged crime, or even your innermost thoughts about the other jurors, which honestly takes all the fun out of it. Also, there was no WiFi, making it impossible to secretly sneak in a tweet, blog, facebook post or even sneak a photo of a judge’s gavel … not that I would, of course. Eh, what’s six days of awkward silence between twelve strangers – and four alternate strangers?

Still, it’s a fascinating system, so I’d like to dedicate this lightbox to anyone who has ever dispensed a little justice. Enjoy.

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