“So, you’re just going to be ‘tweeting‘ all day long?”  This was the common response from my sweet-but-confused pals when I shared my good news of being selected to be Bigstock’s Community Manager.
I knew the position would require a lot of writing – content and commentary – which I’ve always loved. From writing personal essays in Gotham Writers’ Workshops, to film analysis at NYU, to stand-up comedy at Caroline’s on Broadway, to even becoming a glorified member of the Yelp Elite, writing and providing commentary have always been active passions of mine.

All this to say that I’m thrilled to be joining the Bigstock team, excited to begin sharing our conversations, and happy you’ll be joining us for the ride!


Please enjoy the following selection (a la Oprah) of some of “My Favorite Things,” everything from waffles to those strange silky chickens. (I’ve decided to spare you visual examples of my fondness for puns, and any reality TV show featuring Housewives or Dancing Celebrities. See how nice I am?)

1) Cats

 Ice Cream Cat

2) Crossword Puzzles


3) Waffles


4) Road Trips


5) Silky Chickens


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