SWAG (noun): Stuff We All Get, usually at Trade Shows. Aka: Swag is any “Freebie” or trinket given out by companies as a ‘Thank You’ for one’s patronage or interest in their products or services.
We came. We saw. We took a bucket load of swag. Such was the scene at the IRCE in Chicago, The World’s Largest E-Commerce Event. We met oodles of cool folks, and ate copious amounts of candy, popcorn, cupcakes or any other complimentary treats we could get our mitts on.

We also saw a lot of swag. A lot. So, in honor of our three-weeks-strong Desk Trinket Friday, we proudly present “The Best of IRCE Swag,” most of which are “trinkets” in their own right.

 iPhone Photo of IRCE Swag


We’re going old-school with this one, as we had a lot to choose from, including palm trees and cheeseburgers (pictured in background). The best we encountered was this stressball by Eyeona.com that was actually in the shape of a … ball. Just the right size and firmness. Don’t get us wrong, we still love palm trees and cheeseburgers.

 Close-up photo of Eyeona.com stress ball


The best magnet were these nicely-colored squares from adlucent.com. Each had a cutesy-provocative caption that grabbed your attention. My personal favorite? “I Shop In My Underwear,” because I do.

 iPhone Photo of Adlucent.com magnets


This pedometer from OneUpWeb.com actually works! Sure, their incredibly-fun and friendly booth was waaaaay in the back, so you end up not being able to count the steps it took you to get there, but this little do-dad is small, smart and will be used long after the show. Bonus: It tracks steps and miles.

 Photo of OneUpWeb.com pedometer


Judging from the amount of swag bottle openers given out at the show, people in E-Commerce must encounter a lot of bottles in their day-to-day activities. Hmm… Anyway, the best was this one from Yahoo! Not only does it open your bottle, but it also lets out a “Yahooooooooooo!” when it pops the cap off, sharing in your success of a celebratory beverage at the end of a hard day.

 iPhone Image of Yahoo.com Bottle Opener


You have to hand it to EmailDirect.com. They provided the best TWO t-shirts of the IRCE event, one more risque than the other and may be shown at another time. The more “family-friendly” tee, shown here, is our fave, as just about every day is “Business Casual” here at the Bigstock office.

 iPhone Photo EmailDirect.com t-shirt


Sure, it would be great if his feet moved a little bit, but c’mon! It’s a free toy robot! This one is from Sitefinity.com, and I’ve named him Charles. He’s durable (my cat, Shorty, has already taken a couple of good whacks at him and he’s still working, mostly) and he’s extremely energetic. He couldn’t even stand still for this picture.

 Photo of Toy Robot from Sitefinity.com

What’s the Best (or Worst) Swag you ever got? Does it compare, or does it pale in comparison? Show us a pic!
In the meantime, thanks to the IRCE and to all the exhibitors! See you next year!

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