Stock photo of a straw Amish hat.

Bigstock’s free image triggered a memory in her from a few years back. She remembered that spring day at a market in Pennsylvania. Among the stands of shoo-fly pies and ornate pieces of wood furniture, she came across a straw hat. She tried it on, and did her best to look at herself in the screen of her phone. She began to wonder if she could make it in this different world; an insular world of full sleeves, long skirts, and limited technology.  

Now, back in her room, she packed away her laptop, tablet, and chargers. She then quickly checked her calendar for the day’s meetings, all of which required her attendance. The idea that she herself was now living in a world with its own confines did not slip by her. She went into her closet, grabbed the straw hat and put it on. She then tipped the brim, gave herself a smile in the mirror, and headed out into the city streets.

Let this week’s free image breathe new life into your summer projects. The photo comes to us from Bigstock contributor AardLumens, from a collection that includes royalty-free photos of frozen branches, frogs, and cool rock formations.

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