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A photo exhibit can be the perfect starting point for adding a twist on your own photography, encouraging you to experiment with new techniques, and maybe learn more about an artist and his/her process. In our curiosity to learn more and expose ourselves to all of the creativity within walking distance, we couldn’t help but turn to our very own New York City for inspiration. This place is crawling with humans and events, 24/7, so surely there’s some inspiration to be found. 

Below, you’ll find six photo exhibits that are either already running, or about to begin, with end dates throughout the summer and into the Fall. Plan accordingly.

  Untitled, (Couple on the Platform) from Subway, 1980 -- Bruce Davidson
Untitled, (Couple on the Platform) from Subway, 1980 — Bruce Davidson

June 29 – September 18
1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery

This event tells the story of Aperture, a not-for-profit foundation which connects the photo community together with audiences, showcasing inspiring and talented works. The exhibition extends through the summer, highlighting works from its collection that span over 50 years.



  Leon Borensztein, American Portraits
Leon Borensztein, American Portraits

Through July 26
Foley Gallery, 59 Orchard Street

View a collection of portraits that span over the course of 10 years (1979-1989) by photographer Leon Borensztein. Each of the subjects were asked not to smile, in an effort to move away from the instructions he received daily at his regular job as a traveling portrait photographer in San Francisco.

This encouraged his photography to take a black-and-white, more realistic vision. 




  Tour de France, Paolo Pellizzari
Tour de France, Paolo Pellizzari

Through August 31
Anastasia Photo, 143 Ludlow Street

Pellizzari’s work depicts the human landscape in a way that overflows with details and colors, in an effort to capture daily life – and more – within unique and detailed landscapes.

For this show in particular, viewers can see a variety of photographs that capture humans truly engaged in daily life. Whether it’s actually in a sporty manner or not, the viewer will be the judge. 



  Beauty Bar, Sally Davies, 2015
Beauty Bar, Sally Davies, 2015

Through July 17
Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, 37 West 57 Street

For anyone who needs their NYC nostalgia fix, Davies’ work highlights the present day in a way that makes it feel like the city that “it used to be.”

From bars to street corners, bright neon signs to dark shadows, Davies’ work gives recurring reminders of the magical capabilities this city has.


  Stillness, Lindsay Morris
Stillness, Lindsay Morris

July 9 – August 21
Clampart, 531 West 25th Street, Ground Floor

Morris’ first show in New York City documents the safe haven that is an annual weekend summer camp for gender-nonconforming children and their families. In 2012, parents and children of the camp agreed to have selected images published as a New York Times Magazine article.

This now annual series aims to reach beyond the confines of the camp and add to a conversation about the role that support plays in the lives of children who are gender-nonconforming.


  Quai Anatole, Paris, 7e, le 26 septembre
Quai Anatole, Paris, 7e, le 26 septembre

Through July 10
Edwynn Houk Gallery, 745 Fifth Avenue

For the voyeurs or appreciators of Parisian architecture and life, Albert-Halaban’s exhibit at the Edwynn Houk Gallery is sheer perfection. It makes us wish we could have the same thing for every major city.

The photographer is an active participant here, in that he stages the entire scene with participants who know they are being photographed. It’s all real, but there’s still a slight performance aspect to it. Either way, we love it. 


Top header image: Morgan, Lafayette Street, Sally Davies, 2011


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