Stock photo of a water lily. 

When he saw Bigstock’s free image of the week, he froze. He was brought back to a time when he loved flowers. Flowers reminded him of her. She loved flowers, all kinds. Water lilies, much like the one shown in the free image before him, were her favorite. But their love was over long ago, and he disliked flowers now. 

As he stared at the photo, he remembered a particular day some years back, when he was very much in love with her. They were walking through a city garden. He felt so happy as they strolled hand-in-hand among the other couples in various stages of their own relationships. He wondered if these strangers were as happy as they were. He felt his hand pull to the side when she suddenly stopped walking. She was transfixed by a particularly stunning flower. She turned away from him to get close enough to smell its fragrance. In an instant, a bee emerged, stinging her on the left side of her nose. Although she wasn’t allergic, the sting still hurt, as bee stings do.

Even though it was the bee that caused the pain she found herself in, she was most angry at herself. For she had felt betrayed by her own impulsive attraction to beauty, she told him. Her tears traced around the ice pack he held gently to her face. 

He remembered telling her not to be so hard on herself, and that the pain would go away soon. Then he returned from this memory, gently laughed through his nose, and clicked the download now button.

Let this week’s free image, THE WATER LILY, inspire some beauty for your marketing projects this summer. It’s available for free downloading until 11:59pm EST, Sunday June 7, 2015.

The image comes to us from Bigstock contributor Trek13, from a collection that also includes royalty-free images of waterfalls, sunflowers, and the Red Rocks of Arizona. Happy downloading.

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