Photo of blurred abstract image.

As Bigstock’s free image downloaded, he remembered that day at the county fair. The cotton candy, the funnel cake, the way the merry-go-round ticket stuck to the condensation of his soda pop. And, he remembered the moment he saw her. 

She was sitting two horses ahead as the carousel began to move. Around and around they went in a beautiful blur, happily perched on their respective plastic steeds: his green, hers orange. Though the colors were wildly unnatural for horses, what he was feeling for her was real. He was intoxicated by this woman of mystery. The way her brown hair blew in the summer breeze. The way the tag of her shirt peeped up with each vertical movement of her horse. The way she missed catching the popcorn pieces that she playfully tossed in the air.

When the ride stopped, she was gone with the wind. The summer breeze that had once intoxicated him with the sweet smell of her, had now betrayed him. He would never forget the image of her though, sitting on that fake orange stallion. And he would spend the rest of his days searching and searching for the back of that brown-haired head that had captured his heart. (Cue music.)

Let this week’s free image – The Way We Blur – add some enchantment to your marketing endeavors. The image comes to us from Bigstock contributor Keattipong, from a collection that also includes royalty-free images of sunsets, tulips, and Thailand. Happy downloading. 

The image will be available for free downloading till 11:59PM EST, Sunday June 21st, 2015.

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