Bigstock and Freelancers Union

Since 1995, Freelancers Union has worked to create solutions for the challenges independent workers face every day. Independent workers are the center of Bigstock’s very own creative community; from the artists and photographers who create stock images to the designers who use them, which is why we’re truly excited to announce our partnership with Freelancers Union.

Check out the following letter which the incredible Sara Horowitz, Founder and Executive Director of Freelancers’ Union has written in celebration of our partnership.


The workforce of tomorrow is already here. Independent workers make up nearly one-third of the entire workforce – 42 million Americans in all. For the American economy to thrive, independent workers have to thrive.

Back when I founded Freelancers Union in 1995, the independent workforce as we know it was still in its infancy. Few would have predicted that soon millions of people would choose to make a living following their passions outside the typical 9-to-5.

As the independent workforce has grown and matured, so, too, has the economy around it. Companies like Bigstock are part of a $250 billion slice of the economy tied to this new workforce.

But the rise of this new workforce cannot be seen as just another market for business interests to exploit. That’s why I was excited when Bigstock approached Freelancers Union about this partnership. They wanted to demonstrate their commitment to the people who make the new economy move, not just the dollars that flow behind them.

Bigstock is showing its commitment to the freelance community by:

1.       Getting behind the movement to help freelancers get paid not played.
2.       Supporting the Freelancers Union Political Action Committee to drive legislative change.
3.       Providing discounts to their online library of professional quality photography and illustrations.
4.       Enhancing the opportunities for photographers and illustrators to sell their own work to other freelancers.

As the new workforce recognizes its political and market power, you’ll begin to see committed supporters like Bigstock will become the norm – freelancer-driven companies doing right by freelancers.

Sara Horowitz
Founder and Executive Director, Freelancers Union

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