Stock photo of tangerine cake with forks and sugar.

Bigstock’s free image of the week sent his mind in a tizzy. A mystery and an inspiration in one, he thought. For he had never tried tangerine cake before, and wondered what that combination of sweet and sour would taste like. But what puzzled him most about the free image was the pair of forks that rested beside the cake board. He thought about how inappropriate it would be for two individuals to attack a tangerine cake with forks, with no napkins in sight. “People that foolhardy must surely be crazy … or in love,” he reckoned.

He then began to think back to a time when he too was crazy in love. A time when he and his beloved were considered an interesting combination. A time when he let only his hunger for her companionship guide him. A time when there was never enough powdered sugar to sprinkle on his palpable happiness.

Let this week’s free image – The Tangerine Cake – provide some baked-in greatness to your foodie marketing endeavors. The photo comes to us from Bigstock contributor okkijan, from a collection that also includes royalty-free images of horses, cows, and colorful tablescapes. Happy downloading.

The image will be available for free downloading until 11:59PM EST, Sunday June 28, 2015.

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