It’s Desk Trinket Friday!

We’ve all witnessed our fair share of unusual Desk Trinkets. Those moments when you’re looking at a coworker’s desk and think, “All that’s missing is … relevance.” Those bizarro objects that make you stop in your tracks. Here at Bigstock, we’ve decided to embrace each other, and each others’ trinkets. And by “embrace,” we mean…

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Fifty Shades of Blue

Inspired by our own “Plaid Men!” blogpost, in which a majority of the guys on our team coincidentally wore plaid on the same day, we wanted to see what would happen if we tried to recreate a similar bit of magic on purpose. So, we sent out an email on Friday that Monday 5/21 would…

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Having a Ball at Marquee!

When I was told I’d be attending last night’s 4th Annual Webutante Ball, as part of NYC’s Internet Week, a bunch of questions raced through my mind. Most notably: People still have “balls”? Although the concept of a ball may sound of another time, the reason for the Webutante Ball is anything but. Created by…

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Sometime late last night, a memo went out to all the young gents at Bigstock declaring Tuesday March 20th “Plaid Day.” OK, not really, but we couldn’t resist a quick photo op for this ridiculous coincidence. And while we’re at it, here’s a gallery of some stellar plaid photos and vectors to help you plan…

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13 Insanely Complicated One-Take Music Videos


Think the project you’re working on is hard? Imagine creating an extremely elaborate, single-take music video. The amount of work makes us exhausted just thinking about it. We’re big fans of OK Go, who are famous for their amazing and difficult one-take videos. Below you can watch their latest and a few of our other one-shot favorites. How many TVs did The Matches destroy for their Salty Eyes video? How much hopping did the guy in the Goldfrapp video really have to do? How did the masked bicyclists in the Bat for Lashes video see where they were going? Which of these are the real thing and which used digital effects? Think about it — and enjoy!

(Image: © Antonio Nunes/Bigstock)

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine version

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