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Here at Bigstock, we hear from many folks who both praise and curse the functions of Photoshop. Yes, the photo-editing powerhouse can do just about anything to your images. But, it can also be a royal pain in your design assets if you don’t need to harness all of its power at once. “But I only want to do one little thing,” you’ve said on more than one occasion. We hear you. We really do.

With this very concern in mind, we scoured our entire Bigstock blog to provide you with some classic – and very effective – Photoshop quick tips. Each tutorial is brief and beginner-level. So, fear not the fun of Photoshop, and embrace these tutorials below. Good luck.

1. How to Create Sparkling Eyes

 Stock photo of young child.

Sometimes you just want those eyes to pop! In this quick tutorial, We’ll show you how to get those eyes sparkling so they can make the model in your photo stand out and help your projects shine. Continue …


2. How to Sharpen Your Image or Photo

 Stock photo of woman and her dog.

We all know that even a beautiful photo can sometimes be just a little too soft. You might be going for a richer, sharper look than what your photo is giving you. In this tutorial, we’ll help you easily sharpen up any photo. Continue …


3. How to Give a Photo a Vintage Look

 Stock image of woman with hat.

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to give a vintage matte effect to a photo in two easy steps. For this example, we’re using this photo of a cute couple, but this effect should work on any sharp photo. Continue …


4. How to Make a Meme

 Cat meme.

We love memes. Love ’em. If you do too, and you want to make an internet meme that wildly spreads across the web, and makes you really popular with your friends, and could potentially launch you into a professional career as a world-class memer, check out this tutorial. Continue …


5. How to Remove a White Background

 Stock photo of flower with white space.

One of the most common photography techniques is to shoot against a seamless white background to keep all the focus on the subject. This may be cool for a product catalog, but when designing a website or brochure, a white background might not work. With this tutorial, you’ll be able to make overlays, and use graphics in a way that looks clean, finished, and professional. Continue …

And, if you’re looking for royalty-free images to use for your projects, be sure to try a 7-day Free Trial of a Bigstock subscription. Happy downloading.


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